Springfield Road

By Salena Godden

A poetic, funny and touching memoir of childhood in the 1970s

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

BBC Click Radio 'Here's a poem about space'

Hello my Unbound Comrades, How are you all?

I've been on a mission to Mars and had the most fabulous time!

As the Click Radio Poet-in-Residence I was invited to write about space for a one hour special.

It was very exciting and broadcast live last night in front of a packed BBC Radio Theatre

'A Space and Citizen Science Special' is online and you can hear the programme if you Click here

Or 2minute poem is its own clip here on BBC website

'Here's a poem about space' published here: Waiting For Godden

Ah amazing technonlogy! Here's a vyclone video from last night too: nyv.me/l/Etb3

Coming up:

We're throwing a Book Club Boutique London Book Fair After Party on April 16th.

If you are a book lover or you're visiting London for #LBF2015 this BCB party will be for you.

We have a plethora of fantastic new talent, new books and new voices to share with you.

We'll also have new live music from BCB favourites, the delicious Delirium Tremens.

Come and get yours 'Books, Booze and Boogie-Woogie'

More details on our facebook page

It is April 1st today! Spring is sprung!

I was interviewed on Little Atoms about Springfield Road and its now an online podcast here

This month I will be in Wales and gigging alongside Burning Eye comrade Mab Jones.

Also this month you'll find me speaking at the Changing Britain Festival on The Southbank. 

Here's a handy flier I made with all my spring dates on ... See you there!

I think that's all for now, if I forgot anything come and remind me on twitter @salenagodden

BIG thanks and love, sgxx






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