Springfield Road

By Salena Godden

A poetic, funny and touching memoir of childhood in the 1970s

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

An invitation to The Book Club Boutique tomorrow!

Hello to all Unbound comrades,

I hope you have been having a wonderful summertime, fish are jumping and the cotton is high...

I'd like to invite all my Unbound friends to my Book Club Boutique party tomorrow evening.

The BCB launches 'Fishing In The Aftermath Poems 1994-2014'   published this month with Burning Eye Books.

Featuring over 80 poems to celebrate 20 years of performance and poetry rock and roll.

The party will be held at Sophie Parkin’s stylish Vout O Reenee’s drinking club in Whitechapel.

Address: Vout O Reenees. the Crypt of 30 Prescot St, London, E1 8BB

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 16th, from 6.30pm ‘til midnight!

Its free, you just buzz the buzzer and say my name and you'll be in like Flynn.

I'll be reading and we also have special guests and music too - Books, Booze and Boogie-Woogie!

All Unbound pledgers and crowdfund comrades very welcome, the facebook event page is HERE

See you tomorrow or if not this summertime you'll find me reading in fields of green...

Latitude Festival, Port Eliot, The Green Gathering, Wilderness and Festival No.6

All details at the usual place: www.salenagodden.com

My next update will be all about the 'Springfield Road' launch in September!

Now that's gonna be very exciting! I'm biting my nails and counting the weeks now...

I thank you for your continued support, you lovely people, see you soon!

Keep fighting the good fight!

Onwards! Salena xx




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