Springfield Road

By Salena Godden

A poetic, funny and touching memoir of childhood in the 1970s

Biography | Women
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Publication date: September 2014

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“I came here to begin a new story, but maybe all my stories begin with this one story – this love story, this ghost story…”

Springfield Road is a journey into childhood. My childhood, maybe your childhood too. I set out to capture a snapshot of the seventies, a world without health and safety, a time of halfpenny sweets, fish and chips in newspaper, cassette tapes of the Sunday night top ten, scrumping apples and foraging for conkers, through the eyes of my child self.

It is the memoir of our family home on Springfield Road in Hastings, but it is also a memoir of the journey I took writing this book. These are my memories of my attempts to understand the beauty, the brutality and the contradictions of the adult world; why my Irish jazz musician father mysteriously disappeared from our lives; how my mother’s transitions from her Jamaican girlhood to her teenage dreams to represent Britain in the Olympics, to her life as a go-go dancer and then single-parenthood affected us all. It’s about discovering that life is unfair and that parents die. Its also about seeking the good in the world, the humour and the tenderness, this book is not a misery memoir.

Springfield Road is peppered with daydreams, a poetic and universal child’s eye view from the cracks in the pavement to the faces in the clouds. This book is a salute to every curly-top, scabby knee’d, mixed-up, half-crazy kid out there. We had afros, we had free school dinners and hand-me-downs. They haven’t told our story like this before, and I believe it's about time. This book will make you craugh, cry and laugh at once. When you read it I imagine you will say, Hey! I remember, we did that too! You might say I remember being closer to the ground; I remember riding my bike with my feet off the pedals; I remember summers were longer and how oranges were bigger; I remember struggling to comprehend sex and death, heaven and hell, war and God, and perhaps you’ll say, I remember I missed my dad too. This is my story but I think maybe its your story too. With your help and with thanks to Unbound Books this story can finally be shared.


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Unfortunately the hardback edition is now sold out, but the paperback is available here.
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  • Salena Godden avatar

    Salena Godden

    I have been variously described as 'The doyenne of the spoken word scene' (Ian McMillan, BBC Radio 3’s The Verb); 'The Mae West madam of the salon' (The Sunday Times) and as 'everything the Daily Mail is terrified of' (Kerrang! Magazine).

    I write and perform poetry, fiction, memoir, radio drama and lyrics. My most recent book of poems, Under the Pier, was published by Nasty Little Press in 2011. I’m also known as The General of The Book Club Boutique, Soho’s louchest literary salon, and as lead singer and lyricist of SaltPeter, alongside composer Peter Coyte. I’ve appeared on radio as a guest on Woman’s Hour, The Verb and Saturday Live and most recently wrote and presented a documentary, Stir it Up! - 50 Years of Writing Jamaica for BBC Radio 4 in September 2012.

  • When you travel to a new city you can imagine what it must be like, even if you have never been there. You can conjure up London, New York or Paris by their names alone, picturing your destination whilst on your way there. This journey is in reverse, my father is the stop I missed, he is the station I dreamt of when I was sleeping.

  • Salena Godden has written 5 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    14th November 2017 OTHERS: Writers On Difference


    Hello its been a while since I dropped you a line here! Hello Unbounders!

    I wonder how you all are and if you have heard of Others: Writers on difference 

    Currently crowdfunding on Unbound, all proceeds go to refugee and anti-hate charities!!

    I'm thrilled to be invited to join some other others to write for this new anthology. This book will be a collection of essays, stories and poetry…


    'Mrs Death Misses Death' Last Word Festival, June 1st 

    “I know a lot of dead people now…” Mrs Death

    NEW work in progress, a live collaboration of new poetry and fiction by Salena Godden with music composed by Peter Coyte.

    Excerpts from the private correspondence, daydreams and diaries of Mrs Death. 'This is your life' narrated by Mrs Death. Mrs Death recalls peoples ends…

    16th May 2017 LIVEwire vinyl launch in Soho, Byline Festival, Last Word Festival and more...






    Salena Godden’s brand new 2LP gatefold vinyl release of her critically acclaimed ‘LIVEwire’ album has arrived. The album has been shortlisted for The Poetry Society's Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry. Salena Godden was…

    9th March 2017 Salena Godden's 'LIVEwire' shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award

    We’re thrilled to announce that Salena Godden’s LIVEwire album has been shortlisted for The Poetry Society’s prestigious Ted Hughes Award for excellence in poetry. The first run of the album was released on CD in October 2016, but already its received 5* rave reviews and is causing a storm on the spoken word scene.

    The Ted Hughes Shortlist includes fantastic new work from:

    Jay Bernard for…

    2nd December 2016 Salena Godden's LIVEwire launch party and fundraiser in Soho on December 7th

    Salena Godden's LIVEwire album launch and RCK fundraiser in Soho

    Join us on 7th December at Carnesky’s Finishing School Soho, in the basement of the old Foyles, for an electric night of celebration, poetry and music. Salena Godden's #LIVEwire album has already received 5* in The i Paper, and we're launching it with a bang - so click here to grab your tickets!

    The LIVEwire album was released…

    4th October 2016 'LIVEwire' NEW live spoken word album released this Friday October 7th!!


    You can now pre-order Salena Godden's hotly-anticipated 'LIVEwire' album on CD or download from Nymphs & Thugs Bandcamp site: http://ow.ly/gk2Q304DBnZ 

    Official release date October 7th 2016 

    The album is a compilation of live and studio recordings, archives and brand new work. It features new material and performances from literary childhood memoir 'Springfield Road' (Unbound…

    6th September 2016 Time travelling


    "In the family album it is the only photograph of my father and I together. It is a black and white photo but I have coloured it in. We are sitting in the sun on the doorstep, I am in between the legs of my father, there are shadows of the railings against the pink sunny walls behind us. Half of my dad’s head is cut out of the picture because the photographer, probably Mum, hasn’t stepped…

    10th May 2016 Your Invite: An Evening with Salena Godden at L'Escargot on June 15th

    A warm invitation to all our Unbound comrades and friends... 

    Stephen Colegrave hosts a special evening with Salena Godden for one night only in the Salon Noire at Soho’s gorgeous private members club L’Escargot on June 15th. Salena will perform a selection of poetry and prose, debut new work and share brilliant festival favourites. Enjoy an evening of delicious cocktails in cool company…

    1st December 2015 Ding! Dong! December!


    Hello to my Unbound comrades,

    How are you all?

    This is my last 2015 shed blog to share a few links and pics and things before we all disappear into the madness of Decemberry and festivities. My november winter count down has been so busy, I have been writing and recording and also giving talks to teenagers at The Royal Geographical Society and also at The Chipping Norton Secondary…

    2nd November 2015 Some great shows coming up this autumn / winter!!

    Hello Unbound comrades, 

    Yay! Tomorrow! November 3rd:

    Inside, L'Escargot, Soho 

    November 11th:

    Storytelling Festival, Brighton Uni. Hastings

    November 27th:

    Word Life, Sheffield


    I have some poems published in the November issue of Woventale Press: 


    Here's my brand new Soundcloud page for short and sweet audio treats!! 


    14th October 2015 Springfield Road audio book is available now!

    Hello you beautiful Unbounders,

    How are you all? Now golden autumn has arrived and the Springfield Road audio book has arrived too! Attached to this shed post a short audio sample to whet your appetite: Chapter 49 / Eulogy. A poem for my grandmother Nanny and also fittingly a poem for Black History month too. If you'd like to hear more I posted a different autumnal sample on my Mixcloud click…

    8th August 2015 New writing by Salena Godden published in The Pool

    Because it's not always the quiet ones you have to watch.

    'It is a warm summer morning and outside my open window the sky is blue, birds are singing, the air is sweet with jasmine from my garden. As I sit to type this, I exhale and feel the word “suicide” – it’s a word so familiar and heavy, it is the cold jagged shape of this word that I know too well. I have just had a bad phonecall.…

    3rd July 2015 my summertime shed post

    Hello to all my Unbound comrades,

    It's been a while since I left you a message in my shed. How are you all? I hope you have been enjoying this glorious summer sunshine. The 'Springfield Road' audio book is finished and now with Unbound. It was epic to sit and read all 250 pages, it was a learning process, trial and error, in my home made vocal booth (pictured above) but I hope you'll enjoy…

    7th April 2015 A poem for Billie Holiday, published today at The Pool

    Billie Holiday was born 100 years ago today.

    Whatever you do today please take some time out to listen to her music, take a moment to thank the great Billie Holiday.

    Published today, Billie, read my piece in full here at The Pool: https://www.the-pool.com

    Audio now up on Mixcloud here: https://www.mixcloud.com/salenagodden/a-poem-for-billie-holiday/

    I hope you're all having a wonderful…

    1st April 2015 BBC Click Radio 'Here's a poem about space'

    Hello my Unbound Comrades, How are you all?

    I've been on a mission to Mars and had the most fabulous time!

    As the Click Radio Poet-in-Residence I was invited to write about space for a one hour special.

    It was very exciting and broadcast live last night in front of a packed BBC Radio Theatre

    'A Space and Citizen Science Special' is online and you can hear the programme if you Click…

    12th March 2015 blog / Springtime on Springfield


    "There was something extraordinary about last Saturday. There was something spiritual and ritualistic about taking the book back to the street where it was written, the street that it was written about. Taking Springfield Road to Springfield Road in spring time. I guess it was a gig and a party, it was a ceremony, it also felt a bit like visiting a place of birth, all of this and more, all…

    1st March 2015 We're taking 'Springfield Road' to Springfield Road // Roll up for the latest 'Waiting For Godden'

    The Book Club Boutique take 'Springfield Road' home to Springfield Road

    An evening of Books, Booze and Boogie-Woogie marking the publication of Salena Godden's literary memoir about growing up on Springfield Road. For one night only we will meet in the beautiful Bank House, located in the halls of the old Nat West Bank on the corner of Springfield Road, St Leonards, Hastings.

    For this…

    16th February 2015 February News: From Ronnie Scott's to Edinburgh and home to Hastings...

    Hello you beautiful people, my dear Unbound comrades, hello new friends,

    How are you? It has been a while since we last spoke. I hope you're well and I thank you for your tweets and messages and for all your support and help with spreading the word about Springfield Road - You kind people.

    Last weekend I read Springfield Road live and improvised new poetry at Ronnie Scotts at the Jazz Verse…

    27th January 2015 'Springfield Road' chosen to launch the 'For Books Sake' Online Book Club & more...

    Hello Unbound comrades and welcome to all newbies to this page,

    I hope you are all warm and toasty ... I have just returned from a week teaching up in the north in Yorkshire, The Ted Hughes Centre, Arvon Lumb Bank, where it snowed heavily but we had alot of fun writing snowy themed poems with a rowdy class of 13 and 14 year old boys. I love snow and this was a wonderful wintry week of creativity…

    30th December 2014 New Audio: NPR's Arun Rath in conversation with Salena Godden

    New audio via @nprbooks 

    “From Her Dad To Her ‘Jamish’ Roots” 

    Arun Rath in conversation with Salena Godden 

    'All Things Considered' NPR Radio, USA

    Growing up in 1970s England, Salena Godden stood out. Her mother was Jamaican and her father was an Irish jazz musician who mysteriously disappeared from her life when she was very young.

    In her memoir, Springfield Road, the writer, poet…

    18th December 2014 Merry Christmas and Thank You to all

    Seasons Greetings to all my Unbound Comrades and book loving friends -

    It was exactly 365 days ago when we reached 100% and this past year has been the best and busiest time of life ever. Thanks to all of you, thanks for your continued support and thank you for helping to spread the word about Springfield Road. Your responses have been brilliant.  T H A N K  Y O U!

    I have just a few…

    21st November 2014 Today #womeninprint Twitter Q&A and more...

    Hello my Unbound Comrades,

    For those of you on Twitter @unbounders are live tweeting with Unbound authors @salenagodden @RoseBretecher @liz_friend 1pm GMT today!

    Come and join in the conversation and tweet your questions on #writing  #publishing #womeninprint #readwomen2014 #crowdfunding and all the fun of the fair ... today at lunchtime!

    Please scroll down to check out my dates and some…

    8th November 2014 'Springfield Road' live at Bookslam, The Clapham Grand #womeninprint #womensaid

    Something for the weekend?  Something for your ears? Here hear! Hear here! Here here!

    Last month I did an all-woman show at The Clapham Grand for Bookslam and here is the audio attached!

    Picture The Clapham Grand, full to the rafters and an epic line up of powerful women speakers and thinkers, this particular night was so very memorable and poignant. The other featured speakers…

    30th October 2014 Your invite to The Book Club Boutique and latest news and reviews...

    Good Morning to my Unbound comrades,

    Thank you so much for all that made it to the Springfield Road almighty booklaunchparty. I posted some party pics from that glorious night on my website here: salenagodden.com  Thank you to Maggie Gee for her generous speech and to Rachael Kerr too! So many old faces and new, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    Since the book was launched on October…

    15th July 2014 An invitation to The Book Club Boutique tomorrow!

    Hello to all Unbound comrades,

    I hope you have been having a wonderful summertime, fish are jumping and the cotton is high...

    I'd like to invite all my Unbound friends to my Book Club Boutique party tomorrow evening.

    The BCB launches 'Fishing In The Aftermath Poems 1994-2014'   published this month with Burning Eye Books.

    Featuring over 80 poems to celebrate 20 years of performance…

    23rd June 2014 The History of the N-Word on BBC Radio 4

    Hey Unbounders -

    You don’t want to miss this 'The History of The N-Word' - Presented by Ellah Allfrey and produced by Colin Grant. Broadcast on Saturday June 21st, this poignant and powerful radio programme is now up on your BBC i-Player, featuring archive and commentary from Lenny Bruce, Nina Simone, Richard Pryor, James Baldwin to Gabriel Gbadamosi, Bernadine Evaristo, Raymond Antrobus and many…

    13th June 2014 Happy Strawberry Moon

    Hello Unbounders!

    Just a note to wish you all a happy full June moon, tonight we see the rise of the strawberry moon or rose moon, so remember to look up and out.

    At 10pm tonight, June 13th, I'm on BBC Radio 3's The Verb with Ian McMillan. Alongside legend Viv Albertine from The Slits talking about her memoir 'Clothes, clothes, clothes, music, music, music, boys, boys, boys' and there's…

    3rd June 2014 New Blog: Maya Angelou V's Jeremy Paxman



    "Keep on, keeping on, keep supporting independent publishers who are working hard towards getting new voices heard and published. The late, great Maya Angelou has left a huge hole, I felt safer knowing she was there, without her the world is suddenly more white bread than ever. May her spirit and influence live on. Keep working hard to narrate the times, to tell the truth about…

    15th May 2014 Excerpt / the photograph on the 'Springfield Road' cover


    Excerpt / The Photograph...

    "....one of the only photographs of my father and I together. It is a black and white photo but I have coloured it in. We are sitting in the sun on the doorstep, I am in between the legs of my father, there are shadows of the railings against the pink sunny walls behind us. Half of my dad’s head is cut out of the picture because the photographer, probably Mum…

    22nd April 2014 BBC radio and gigs all coming up...

    Good Morning Team Unbound!

    Hope you all had wonderful Easter holidays!

    I just wanted to let you all know I have lots of cool radio and gig news for you this week.

    April 22nd / Today is the broadcast of my commisssion for BBC World Service / Click Radio at 6.30pm

    April 23rd /  Tomorrow I'm reading poems and talking books on BBC Scotland / The Culture Show at 2.30pm

    In other news…

    7th April 2014 Springshine. Springtime. Springfield.

    Hello to all Unbound Comrades!

    I hope you are all well and you are enjoying the spring springing and blossoms a-blossoming wherever you are in the world.

    I'm a guest on BBC World Service Click Radio - I've been commissioned to write something to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the invention of the World Wide Web. Isn't it bizarre to think we've only had the internet for a quarter of a century…

    6th March 2014 Come on down to Ronnie Scott's this Sunday March 9th

    Message to the mighty Unbound family,

    Happy World Book Day!

    This Sunday March 9th, I'm reading in Soho at Ronnie Scott's alongside Romesh Gunesekera, Dorothea Smartt and Courttia Newland, all hosted by Jumoke Fashola at the Jazz Verse Jukebox. This promises to be a wicked event, with an awesome line-up of smoking hot readings, live music, jazz improvisation and more.... It's on…

    27th February 2014 Twitter Q&A tomorrow - Friday February 28th at 1pm!

    Hello you beautiful people, ahoy Unbound comrades, how are you all doing?

    We've got a date - Tomorrow, Friday lunchtime, I'm doing a live Unbound #springfieldroad Q&A on Twitter.

    If you're on twitter please tweet @salenagodden & @unbounders

    And ask me ANYTHING from 1pm - Remember to use the hashtag #askanauthor

    See you there! xx



    10th February 2014 Exclusive excerpt from Springfield Road published in The Illustrated Ape

    THE ILLUSTRATED APE Magazine! Out Now!

    Launched in Shibuya, Japan, the FIRST LOVE ISSUE features a short and sweet exclusive excerpt ‘First Kiss’ from Springfield Road - Get yourself a copy of The Illustrated Ape HERE.

    This limited edition has been produced in the style of old-skool Japanese magazines. Its handprinted on eco-friendly hemp paper using 80s stencil duplicator technology…

    3rd February 2014 New Audio / Jonathan Dimbleby and Salena Godden / 'Silver Spoons' RSL and First Story debate

    "Silver Spoons: Can you write without one?" lively debate hosted by The Royal Society of Literature and First Story.

    This audio recorded on 23rd January 2014 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bloomsbury.

    Well, here’s a treat for your ears, its a short and sweet 10minute clip of Jonathan Dimbleby introducing Salena Godden, including a reading from 'Springfield Road' and some of their delightful conversation…

    17th January 2014 Thanks to you Springfield Road is 101% funded!

    Hello to all subscribers and pledgers and crowdfunders and unbounders

    Thanks to you 'Springfield Road' is now 101% funded!

    I cannot even begin to tell you how delighted and appreciative I am for all your help and support both online and on the road...

    T H A N K Y O U

    I start 2014 with a spring in my step as my book is sent to the tailors to be fitted with its shiny jacket...


    4th December 2013 How Does A Blind Person Cross The Road?

    Yesterday's event for The United Nations 21st Annual International Day of Disabled People at The House of Lords blew me away. We had cream tea and cucumber sandwiches and it was a wonderful afternoon with a beautiful view of the wintry river Thames outside the window. There was passionate talk and lively debate and the premiere of the 'Sea Of Change' film asking the question 'How Does A Blind…

    2nd December 2013 The House Of Lords

    On Tuesday December 3rd, I've been invited to speak at The House Of Lords as part of The 21st Birthday of the United Nations International Day for Persons with Disabilities. I'll be speaking out on the behalf of disabled and blind people at the red carpet premier of the 'Sea Of Change' film. Lord Low the inspirational blind Lord is sponsoring the event.

    This is a great honour. My mother…

    26th November 2013 From Ubud to Aldeburgh: The Festival Diaries

    "Its 4am and as usual I wake up to write, I have been sleeping on top of a mountain of books, they are piled so high, my nose touches the ceiling. These books are signed and precious, they are limited editions of poetry and fiction and memoir. They have been written by real people I have been meeting and drinking with and so…before I pick up another microphone and say “Good Evening my name is…

    11th November 2013 New Audio / Memoir : Bernice Chauly, Salena Godden, Agustinus Wibowo & Janet Steele | #UWRF13


    Or Tumblr

    Its a rainy Monday here in London. I’ve just got home from the wonderful Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. I'm sitting here drinking pots of tea, loading up hundreds of photos, gazing lovingly at my shiny pile of brand new books. Today I am finally unpacking my gig bag, emptying my performance head, I want to try to write about the joy of poetry and literary…

    5th November 2013 "And a laugh that escapes from her like a pitbull pup through a rusty fence."

    4th November 2013 New Audio / Springfield Road live at Tongue Fu / Halloween special

    NEW Audio: #springfieldroad live at Tongue Fu  / Hallowen Special

    Last weeks Halloween special 'Old Bones & Fresh Flowers' at Tongue Fu was an exploration into how we remember and celebrate our dead, with music from the Tongue Fu Band - Patrick Davey, Arthur Lea and Oliver Keen - and animations from CR&D. I read short excerpts about my father and the impact of his suicide from 'Springfield…

    31st October 2013 Happy Halloween! Springfield Road gig tonight...

    Hello everyone, how are you all? Here's a spooky picture for Halloween for you! Yesterday I was working on a film and my character had to be dressed up as The Bride of Frankenstein…it was so much fun!

    Tonight I’m reading from Springfield Road at Tongue Fu - Its an alternative Halloween show 'Old Bones & Fresh Flowers' (No Zombies) And its gonna be a stunning night of improvisation, music, poetry…

    24th September 2013 Radio: 'Mapping The Metropolis' & 'Connecting Nothing With Something'

    Hello there, last week we made something for your ears...

    Radio Show 'Mapping The Metropolis' / aired Resonance FM / 17th Sept 2013

    Mapping The Metropolis - A live literature show hosted by Kit Caless, editor at indie publishing house Influx Press, whose most recent anthology, ‘Connecting Nothing with Something’ is a collection of stories and poems set on the coasts of Kent and Sussex…

    16th September 2013 'Springfield Road' gets a lovely mention...

    Briny collection featuring Salena Godden is latest title from Gary Budden and Kit Caless’ ‘site specific’ Influx Press

    "Contributors include Salena Godden whose ‘The Beirut of a Hastings Saturday Night’, an excerpt from her book Springfield Road, has a wonderful beat-like quality and is richly poetic – as you’d expect from this punk poet extraordinaire – with lines about “brackish…

    15th August 2013 excerpt / Voodoo

     excerpt / Voodoo

    Now I was scared and I was cornered in the woods, they stood around me calling me names and discussing who was going to fight me. They said that they could smell shit, that I was covered in shit, that’s what made me black. They told me I didn’t come out of my mother’s vagina, I came out of her arse.

    ‘Have you seen her black mum? Her mum’s got shit all over her…’


    8th August 2013 Pride and Prejudice / poem for twittersilence / BBC World Service

    This week I was commissioned to write a piece about the #twitterboycott for the BBC World Service. With all the furore that's been going on, from Jane Austen on the new ten pound note and women recieving death threat tweets, it was quite a challenge and quite a meaty subject to get my teeth into. This programme was aired on Tues 6th August on ‪#‎bbcclickradio on both BBC World Service & BBC Radio…

    30th July 2013 extract from a short story / The Beirut of a Hastings Saturday night

    "Ducking down the narrow cobbled back street into the heart of the old town, the arteries are winding alley ways, preserved in salt and a tradition of fishing and smuggling. Walking though the Old Town we pass the tattoo parlour, afternoon tea shops, junk shops, the fish market, selling eels, crabs, cockles and muscles, the candy floss stalls, candied sea shells, shiny windmills, kiss-me-quick…

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  • Stephen King
    Stephen King asked:

    Dear Unbound. Can you please advise how I obtain my e copy of Springfield Road, is there a code or site I have to go to. ? thanks, Stephen King

    Unbound replied:

    Hi Stephen, Thanks for getting in touch. To download the ebook just log into your Unbound account and head to http://unbound.co.uk/books/springfield-road/ebooks. I hope this helps. If you have any problems please visit unbound.co.uk/support. Best wishes, Caitlin - Unbound Support

    Richard Cripps
    Richard Cripps asked:

    Hello Unbound. I understand the audiobook is now available. Where and how do I get that? Thanks

    Unbound replied:

    Hi Richard, You can order the audiobook through the level above, or if you pledged to a level which had the audiobook included you can download it by logging in to your Unbound account and heading over to https://unbound.co.uk/books/springfield-road/ebooks. Best wishes Unbound support