Sour Fruit

By Eli Allison

In a not too distant future, people are split into either Citizens with rights or VOIDs with nothing. Forced to live in the former port, the VOIDs have adapted to the floods; the brutal nature of life outside of society however, is not so easy.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

We Jammed...


What an amazing night, filled with interesting, brave,  fantastic people. 

The first ever Leeds Book Jam was a roaring success.



Once I’d read my very hurried and slightly breathless reading my enjoyment levels went through the roof and a large glass of wine went down the hatch. 

We had an amazing MC in the wonderful (good at accents) Claire Patel-Campbell. 

Hyde Park Book Club were fabulous as well, setting up the room and just letting us book nerds nerd out with each other.

My cakes went down well...

...although I had to resort to forcing the leftovers on to people as they left; a futile attempt to save my hips.  I still have a pile of brownies the size of a transit van that I keep picking at every time I go into the kitchen.

Curse you, you delicious delicious calories.                               


Just before I leave you I wanted to do a shout out for the amazing writers who basically made the event and for the fabulous photos, taken by Martyn. Thanks Martyn the pics are great.

Robert Welbourn an Unbounder, his book Ideal Angles is a story about me, you and everyone. 

Maria Munir a masters student by day, and an international human rights activist, also an Unbounder with the book; Pride, Not Prejudice. 

Laurie Garrison, her writing focuses on historical fiction, especially the bizarre love triangle amongst William Morris, Jane Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and wallpaper. 

Dr Amina Alyal, an associate principal lecturer in English at Leeds Trinity University. Her collection of poems is called, The Ordinariness of Parrots. (Love that title.)

Another fantastic Unbounder; Paul Holbrook he is currently writing a book comedy about Angels, Devils, The Grim Reaper and a kebab van in Trafalgar Square. 

Clare Fisher wonderful new book All The Good Things is out now. 

And last but not least, the multi-talented Claire Patel-Campbell. Her debut novel, literary murder mystery Abernathy, is due to be published in autumn 2017, through Stairwell Books.


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