Sour Fruit

By Eli Allison

In a not too distant future, people are split into either Citizens with rights or VOIDs with nothing. Forced to live in the former port, the VOIDs have adapted to the floods; the brutal nature of life outside of society however, is not so easy.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Goat.

After spending so long writing and rewriting; edit after edit of the darn thing, here I am in the belly of an unknown and strange beast called, ‘So Close’. It’s surreal like waking up half drunk, half naked in a port-a-loo at Glasto; you ‘ish remember how you got there, but you’ve no idea where the goat came from.

But here we are, no going back. The final draft is almost done, by which I mean; dotting the I’s, rewriting that bit with the dead bodies, crossing the t’s, that sort of thing and then it’s off to the editor of this lovely place; if I’m funded.  Which comes down to you! Wink wink!

As many that know me can attest to, I’m a bit of a ‘chatter’, so there will be strange and wonderful and sometimes fun (but never boring) updates all along the way, hope you can come along for the ride.

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