Sour Fruit

By Eli Allison

In a not too distant future, people are split into either Citizens with rights or VOIDs with nothing. Forced to live in the former port, the VOIDs have adapted to the floods; the brutal nature of life outside of society however, is not so easy.

Crime | Fiction
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Publication date: July 2018

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Onion is snatched. Which is proper shit because she still had nearly twenty quid left on her Angry Slut Teen Clothing gift card and now she was never going to get those flamingo-pink leather chaps she’d been eyeing up. She wakes up chained to an armpit of a river city, earmarked for a skin-trader called The Toymaker. Surrounded by a creeping rot she has just three days to escape before the sold sticker becomes a brand.

Forced into a knife fight with a world that has just pulled an AK47 on her, all Onion has to fight with is; a sewer for a mouth, a rusted up moral compass and a spanking anger that can sucker-punch kindness at twenty paces. She might survive but probably not.

Sour Fruit is a dark dystopian novel set in northern Britain, in a river city called Kingston; a rotting scrap yard of misery. The VOIDs are forced to live there not by walls or fences but by being invisible in the new digital world.  

The novel explores ideas about what is home, how friendship can come from strange places and the debts we can’t ever pay back.


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  • Eli Allison avatar

    Eli Allison

    Eli Allison tells people at parties that she's a writer, but she mostly spends the day in her knickers swearing at the laptop. She has never written anything of any fame except for a jarringly bad poem which was read out loud at her secondary school assembly (the highlight of everyone else’s school year, predictably not her own). She gave up poetry and switched to the hard stuff soon after.  Writing stories about crushed dreams and balding men looking for love that you could buy by the hour. Those were her happier ones. She ping-ponged between one depressing job after another until her husband said, ‘take a year and write your book’. Years later the book is done…There is a sneaking suspicion he would have kept quiet had he known quite how long it would have taken her.

    She lives in Yorkshire, works in her head and does not enjoy long walks on the beach or anywhere, in fact she gets upset at having to walk to the fridge for cheese. She suffers badly from cheese sweats but endures.

  • I was forced into Church and warned, “Don’t touch the Korean crazy, makes The Boss pouty.” 

    Even though it was called Church and the space had collected in its fair share of prayers, it weren’t no place God had ever been. Used to be a Free School, then that was ripped down and The Saint Anthony of Padua Shopping Arcade was built.  But when I came to be there those lives had passed. Sort of.

    Victorian style window shops ran either side of us, a brow of kiosks tucked along a mezzanine floor above us. Hundreds of Chinese lanterns; shaped like skulls and plastic faced baby pandas grinned down at us. A shiver jabbed at the back of my neck, as the empty eye sockets bore down.  A riverbed of puppets stood between us and a sweeping set of iron stairs at the far end of the shopping arcade.

    We threaded our way through the piles of silent puppets, but my foot caught on a puddle of fabric and I almost tripped into a life-sized giraffe. The Bitch snatched me from the fall, clipped my ear and growled at me to stop fucking around. A man with one leg was sat stitching red flowers onto the puppet’s elongated neck. I willed him to look at me, to see me, but only the giraffe watched as I was dragged away. The air ripped apart by the pull of thread through the fabric.

    Herded along until I was standing at the base of the stairs in front of a crimson-stained hole, that had been jack-hammered through the tiled floor.

    “What the…?”

     I tried to back up but her hands clamped down and I was fixed in place.

    She called out, “Boss.”

    I searched the muddy light, sweat dripping into my eyes, but I could see nothing. There was a click of a door opening, the boss was coming.  The draft made the lanterns sway and flecks of dust that had only just been hanging on gave up and a grey snow floated down.

    A voice punched out from the dark, “Like my puppets don’t you, skank? How many do you think there are? Guess, guess!” Then without letting me answer, he answered for me, “Twenty six.” An unoiled joint of a laugh squealed out which turned into a yelp as he got caught up on something; finally managing to fight his way out.

    I swear down, you could have seen the daft git from space. He was a slick-hopper, you know from that film? Massive collar. Neon Bolo. Skin-tight trousers, also neon; he even had the hat, you know, with the feathers.

    This, it turned out, was The Boss. Known to his mam as Milton; known to everyone else as King Tiny Turd, not to his face though, never to his face. He had a viscous streak running through all that chub.  

     Over the top of my head she barked, “What’s with all the pinkies?” Indicating to the dozen children hunched over fairy lights untangling the chaos. Her leather coat crinkled as she flexed. “We ain’t finished business yet.”

    Lovingly straightening the ears of a purple rabbit, he flapped away her concern. “The Splurge is tomorrow, I didn’t have time to wait for Nails, besides they won’t tell.”

  • Eli Allison has written 4 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    19th February 2019 Light Frolicking Abound.

    This weekend was a momentous event... an awe-inspiring occasion,  a celebration beyond compare, and now I've used all the words for events I know I'll get to the point,  it was Sour Fruit's Half-Birthday. Yay! My kick-arse book baby has been strutting her stuff for six whole months! Six months! Time's flies don't it? 

    So to celebrate I thought I'd get all generous and give away some swag! Book Swag…

    29th November 2018 10 is the magic number...


    Only ten spots left on my 'Sling Me A Review And I'll Doodle My Arse Off For you' train, it's a long arse name for a train I grant you, but it's early this side of the keyboard and I need six more coffees to be concise.


    So let's get real...

    The reason I doodle my reviewers is that I'm so thankful for their efforts. (There is also a small social media angle which…

    11th September 2018 It came, and it went, and no-one was covered in sick; my Book Launch Adventure.

    It happened the launch of Sour Fruit my debut novel.

    Elbow deep in smoked salmon and bubbles isn’t a bad way to spend your Saturday evening, having to do a speech and not vomit over yourself with nerves is less fun, but I didn’t choose the author life the author life chose me.


    But you’ll be happy to learn I kept the corroding carrots firmly in my gut, and mingled…

    8th July 2018 Don't judge a book by its cover...

    Or another way to look at it is...

    Look at how fantastic and amazing and the utter dog's bollocks my book cover is. So grimy and yellow and eye-slapping bold, like Steve Buscemi taking a drunken piss on Donald Trump's leg.

    Fancy a wicked read, then pre-order my spankin' book here.

    The process took quite a few back and forths, the fabulous designer Mark from Mecob Design gave me a good old-fashioned…

    27th June 2018 Don't live your life in regret.

    The final call,  end of the line, last orders.

    It's time people... It. Is. Time. 

    My book is going to print soon and that means, I'm going to be a Goddam author bitches. 


    Argh!!!! Cue running around and nutting everything... like a jackhammer, like a demented animal... like a toddler. Have you seen those things tear up a party? Brutal. But enough…

    14th June 2018 Let's get sneaky.

    A cheeky sneaky peek at my debut novel

    Hello, my lovely jubbly pleaders!

    It's getting close... so flipping close I can smell the trees' fear in the paper, can hear the dripping of ink.  So to celebrate here is a totally fabulous sneak peek into the world of Kingston. The city Onion ends up in, a rotting scrap yard of misery, a river city in a country plagued by floods. 


    15th March 2018 Please don't think I don't love you..

    Please don't think I don't love you... because I do.

    I love all of my pledgers with a fierce and unearthly passion that only a strange crowdfunding writer could. 

    Don't think that a lack of Updates means a lack of feeling. It's just this year has held weird new lands for me and navigating them was filled with adventure and challenges fit for a wannabe Frodo. (I am size appropriate, which helps…

    24th November 2017 There can be only one

    Mini Update

    So my Sour Fruit manuscript has now winged its way to my Copy Editor, who will comb and comb and comb until everything is as shiny and glossy as an Afghan hound at Crufts. What do Copy Editors do you ask? They make grammar their bitch.

    Before we continue I’d like us to bow our heads for a moment's silence while we think of the poor soul having to check MY spelling, grammar…

    8th November 2017 Goddamn Grace Jones on Crack Delusion

     So this Update has been a long time coming, like Leo’s Oscar or the second season of  Twin Peaks or Mrs Ryan Gosling*. Wink wink.  

    *I know that Mrs  Ryan Gosling is actually a successful woman in her own right, the wonderful Eva Mendes, but the joke doesn’t work if I say her name, because let’s face it, unless your wading through The Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame you probably have no…

    24th August 2017 Blow Your Nipples Off!

    So super huge, jungle-sized blow your nipples off thank you!

    What can I say, the sarcasm crusted creature I keep in my rib cage wants to make some flippant comment about the power of pestering, and how thankful you’ll all be to not see my video lurk all over your timeline ever again*, but… I’m feeling. How do I describe it… it tastes like vodka and mucky laughs. Smells like glitter. Feels like…

    4th August 2017 I'd do anything for a pack of mince.

    Boom - it be Friday...

    ...Unless you’re not in the office today and haven’t opened your email until Monday in which case that first statement is both a lie and let-down. (A familiar feeling for a certain 1st lady I suppose.)

    Let’s plough on, because we all have cocktails and bunking off to get to, this Friday. The last few weeks have been a bit gougy, I hit a wall hard, with the dick number…

    20th July 2017 We Jammed...


    What an amazing night, filled with interesting, brave,  fantastic people. 

    The first ever Leeds Book Jam was a roaring success.



    Once I’d read my very hurried and slightly breathless reading my enjoyment levels went through the roof and a large glass of wine went down the hatch. 

    We had an amazing MC in the wonderful (good at accents) Claire Patel-Campbell…

    11th July 2017 Love You Long Time...

    So my master plan for book domination continues…

    Five words;

                             Love You Long Time Packs  

     If you know the right person (me) then this weekend you might have received a cute little something in the post. For some of my amazing pledgers (basically the people I bore the most with my dreaming of authorship). I’ve sent …a …well… it’s a straight up bribe.

    Cute lovely…

    27th June 2017 No One Escapes

    So, you lucky gorgeous pledgers you, today I have a short story for you.  Set in my Kingston World, (but a prequel so not in Kingston yet) with my vicious little Onion at the helm. Written just for you and although it will feature on my blog, only my Mum and spammers ever find their way into that dusty corner of dead dreams and back breaking pointlessness. So wrap up warm in the cardigan of exclusivity…

    19th May 2017 Abusing glue…

    Hello you gorgeous little nuggets of fun,

    Wanna see something cool?

    So I’ve been an industrious little Yorkshire lass, toiling away in my bunker, prep prep prepping for the big one. Searching how to survive, hunting for truths, raging against losing my mind, (and by bunker I mean my office with adorable  unicorn tape dispenser, and by big one I mean 50% funded and by  raging against losing my…

    27th April 2017 The Goat.

    After spending so long writing and rewriting; edit after edit of the darn thing, here I am in the belly of an unknown and strange beast called, ‘So Close’. It’s surreal like waking up half drunk, half naked in a port-a-loo at Glasto; you ‘ish remember how you got there, but you’ve no idea where the goat came from.

    But here we are, no going back. The final draft is almost done, by which I mean;…

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