Soupy Twists!

By Jem Roberts

The full official story of the sophisticated silliness of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Ladies and gentlemen, bear with me, bear with me, don't stop bearing with me...

Soupy Twists, the official story of the sophisticated silliness of Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie, is now... ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FUNDED!


I cannot thank any of the kind, discerning, clever pledgers enough – and nor can Stephen or Hugh, because they're both on TV sets over in the western half of the USA right now. Of course, pledges can continue to tumble in over the next several months of hard work, but the hardest part (bar the publicity seeking when the book is out) is now over!

What does this mean? This means that without question, a pleasingly designed and potentially wipe-resistant copy of SOUPY TWISTS will now be with nestling in your special book cranny, containing your particularly splendid name, with gratitude, sometime around one British year from now. It will be available in all good, bad and indifferent comedy history shops, but pledgers will receive their copies – plus chosen boon – in advance. 

Between then and now, I simply have to build this history, and be sure to do full justice to the tummy-shakingly funny legacy of ABOF&L. Work continues apace – I will be speaking to Emma Thompson this week, which is a life's ambition partially realised (it will be via phone, no chances for me to ask her nicely if she would care to drink clarified butter from my armpits), and, narrative-wise, young Stephen is poised to go on a nefarious spree, with around 13% of the wordcount spoken for. An intense winter of fierce composition beckons – you have paid for the job, now I must get stuck into it.

But for now, as a reward for all your hard pledging, I'm attaching another extract from my very first conversation with Mr Fry the best part of ten years ago for my first book, The Clue Bible. This is just the opening wag-of-chins about ISIRTA, ISIHAC and how Stephen first came to be drawn into the Clue coterie, hope it's interesting and I don't yammer too much...

And, with the colleagues' blessing, another extract from the vast treasury of completely unseen, unbroadcast sketches I have been given. This is another non-sequitur I may have struggled to tie in to the manuscript, but I think you'll agree, it wouldn't do to let it waste.  It also, like so much of this 20+-year-old comedy material, contains startlingly topical elements...

VIVA LA REVOLUTION! And of course, Soupy Twists...

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Tom Boon
 Tom Boon says:


posted 7th September 2016

Alexander Peterhans
 Alexander Peterhans says:

Congratulations! Greatly looking forward to the book.

And what a great sketch. Any possibility of including more of these unseen gems in your book, say, in the back?

posted 8th September 2016

Jem Roberts
 Jem Roberts says:

That is indeed the plan! As large a chunk as we can squeeze in, with lots of big surprises in store.

posted 9th September 2016

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