Soupy Twists!

By Jem Roberts

The full official story of the sophisticated silliness of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie

Friday, 24 March 2017

Soupy Red Nose Day!

As a special treat for pledgers, I've uploaded the two occasions on which our colleagues Stephen & Hugh manned the Gunge Tank on the first and third nights of Red Nose Day fun at TV Centre in 1989 and 1991 (Little & Large took over for 1989, which with the very best will in the world, gold-embossed and leaving all your money to amazing ponies, is no replacement).

The clips feature two victims, chosen by CBBC viewers – firstly, the much-missed 'Smitty', Mike Smith, and secondly, by sheer coincidence, his wife, Sarah Greene.

I did try to grill Stephen on what he recalled about these two celeb gungings, and particularly the origin of gunge tanks in Peter Cook & Dudley Moore's 'Not Only But Also', in an improv section called 'Poets Cornered'... but the total email reply was 'Good lord, I didn’t even know NOBA had a gunge tank in fact. But I vaguely remember perhaps seeing the odd thing on TV when young, but all my knowledge of Pete and Dud came later through records.' Not a warming series of memories, I know, but I will be having tea with the man himself next week, and promise to extract meatier anecdotes from him in person.

So neither Hugh nor Stephen may remember much/anything about their Gunge history, but you can at least enjoy them all afresh here... providing, of course, you've already donated something to Comic Relief, bought a nose, sat in some beans, whatever it takes to help the otherwise helpless.

Oh, and when it comes to Fry & Laurie's other, infamous Comic Relief appearance, I actually have some very meaty memories from Richard Curtis about the day they told him what their contribution would be...

Soupy Twists!

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