By Lucien Young

A Shakespearean take on such topics as Kim Kardashian, Tinder and Pikachu.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

When I'm Sixty-Four

Dear all,

I'm jubilant to report that #Sonnets is currently 64% funded! 64 is, as we all know, a superperfect number, i.e. a positive integer n that satisfies

where σ is the divisor summatory function. Anyway, this struck me as an ideal time to share with you a new piece of art by Ollie Mann:

Pretty cool, right? It's also representative of the kind of dope-ass illustration your pledges are going towards. Mr Mann is, even now, sharpening his vast array of pencils, eager to spring into action. I suppose I ought to get back to crowdfunding...

Yours iambically,


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