By Lucien Young

A Shakespearean take on such topics as Kim Kardashian, Tinder and Pikachu.

Thursday, 30 August 2018


Beloved Patrons,

I'm pleased to inform you that everyone's favourite compendium of daft sonnets is now THREE-QUARTERS FUNDED! Mad gratitude and fulsome thanks to every one of you for getting us to this point. I'm nothing if not predictable, so I've written a sonnet to mark the occasion:

Fingers crossed it won't be too long before the thing hits its target. If you'd be kind enough to share the project on Twitter/Facebook, or construct a Saw-style torture device that forces your victim to pledge or be slowly decapitated, that would be amazing. 100% is so close I can smell it (at least, I *think* that's 100%...)

Yours ever,


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