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Thursday, 3 October 2019


Hi there!


Wondrous supporter, due to your fabulous beneficence, #Sonnets is now available for sale from all good bookshops (a bookshop is only good if it stocks #Sonnets -- sorry, I don't make the rules). I'm so, so grateful to everyone who parted with their hard-earned lucre to make the thing happen. To mark this auspicious occasion, I've written -- what else? -- a sonnet:


My reader -- kind, smart, tasteful, cool and dear --

Alas, I must once more your inbox litter,

For my book’s publication day is here

(You may have seen me saying so on Twitter).

It hits the shelves today, October 3rd,

There to become a triumph or a flop,

Hence I do ply you with beseeching word

And then — I swear — these messages will stop.

I’d be so grateful if, now or anon,

You’d share these #Sonnets with the nation

By leaving your review on Amazon

And adding five stars to a constellation.

To see my book by sweet supporters starred

Would be a boon and blessing to this bard!


Uh oh! Another call to action! D'you like how I used the sonnet as a kind of Trojan Horse? Seriously though, if you have a spare minute, leaving a positive review on Amazon dot com, however brief, could have a major impact on the book's prospects. As I understand it, their site has some kind of algorithm whereby getting over fifty reviews bumps a book up in prominence. There are 334 of you, so if just a sixth of you do so, we're away to the races. Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/2kbnXsq


Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting #Sonnets. I couldn't be prouder of the thing and I hope each one of you has enjoyed its profound ridiculousness. You lot are the best!


Yours perpetually,


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