By Lucien Young

A Shakespearean take on such topics as Kim Kardashian, Tinder and Pikachu.

Friday, 11 May 2018


Today’s a day both wonderful and stirring
For now the pledges that I hath incurred
Doth stand at thirty-three point three recurring
Which sweet percentage we may call a third
But, though I fear this seems fanatical,
I cannot rest or let my effort slow
For, using powers mathematical,
I glean that we have two thirds yet to go
Therefore I doth implore thee, pledger kind,
Fair patron, who would aid in this endeavour:
Two of thy heart’s most dear companions find
And share with them these sonnets daft but clever
For then ‘twill be no slog our target meeting
And I can cease from this incessant tweeting.

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