By Lucien Young

A Shakespearean take on such topics as Kim Kardashian, Tinder and Pikachu.

Monday, 23 April 2018

A Sonnet Upon Reaching 25%

Dear lords and ladies, who doth pledge thy name

That I, poor fool, might make these humble verses,

Lend me your ears, for now I would proclaim

The wondrous news my fervent brain rehearses!

’Tis bliss immeasurable to be alive

Upon this golden, many-splendored day:

Thy pledges to percentage twenty-five

Are climbed, which I with joyous eye survey!

’Tis true, three quarters more are left to raise

Before thou might’st these silly sonnets savour

And though thy kindness doth exceed all praise

Still must I ask thee, patrons fair, a favour:

Spread word! Retweet! Get all thy friends to pledge and

I will, henceforth, consider thee a legend!

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