By Lucien Young

A Shakespearean take on such topics as Kim Kardashian, Tinder and Pikachu.

Thursday, 4 October 2018


Dear fairest creatures,

I hope each and every one of you is enjoying a glut of gaiety, an excess of ecstasy and a surfeit of the superb. As for me, I’m a’ight. Pleased and grateful that #Sonnets is now 85% funded. Eager and impatient to smash through that remaining fifteen and get the thing into bookshops both reputable and not.

Thanks again for your generosity in funding this cavalcade of silliness. You are all heroes and connoisseurs, and you deserve a treat. As such, I wanted to draw your attention to some of the DOPE, SONNET-Y REWARDS that come with an upgraded pledge. These include…



If you’re one of the legends who went for a digital copy, why not chuck in an extra tenner and receive the exquisitely designed physical model, to bless your bookshelf, coffee table, or toilet-adjacent area? The hardback is shiny, portable and a guaranteed conversation starter (even if that conversation is just: “why would anyone write a sonnet about Stifler’s Mom?” “I honestly have no idea”).



The coolest aspect of #Sonnets is, naturally, the one I had nothing to do with: a range of stellar illustrations from pen-toting wunderkind Ollie Mann. By upgrading to Queen Kim level, you’ll receive not only a signed first edition hardback and ebook, but also this high quality art print to adorn and ennoble your walls.



Christmas slithers towards us with ever-increasing velocity, so why not get your husband/wife/wife’s boyfriend the gift of a bespoke sonnet written by yours truly? We’re talking fourteen lines on the subject of your choice, along with the aforementioned hardback-ebook combo. I’m planning to write these as soon as the book is funded -- hopefully in the next few weeks -- which means you'll have plenty of time to slip a unique Shakespearean verse into your loved one’s stocking.



In the 2010 blockbuster Inception, Tom Hardy’s character, Eames, advises us to “dream a little bigger, darling”. For the biggest dreamers among you, there’s the Poet-in-Residence level, which allows you to choose the subject of a #Sonnet to be included in the book itself, with a dedication beneath the title. Pretty swanky, huh?




To snag any of these (and more), just go to your Unbound account and click ’upgrade or donate’. Once again, I’m super grateful to everyone who’s pledged. Without you, these daft verses wouldn’t see the light of day. I look forward to hitting 100%, so I can share them with you and start pinging out rewards!

Yours sonnetarily,


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