By Michelle Jana Chan

The story of a young boy who travels half-way around the world — from China to British Guiana — hoping to strike it rich

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The next chapter

Song is fully funded. Pinch me. I can't quite believe it. Thank you to everyone for getting me to this point. I confess I'm as nervous as I am excited. 

The view from here 

This image is from a few years back when I was making a short film for the BBC on Guyana. I climbed to the top of a hill to capture the view above the rainforest canopy in Iwokrama. When I think back to that trip, I start scratching: kaboura flies, ticks, mosquitoes the size of dragonflies, well-named fire ants and, worst of all, betes rouges which somehow find their way to parts other insects can't reach. But of course, I had it easy compared to Song. 

Much more soon. Michelle 

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James Guy
 James Guy says:

Looking forward to reading Song's story - well done you!!!

posted 30th January 2017

anonymous requested account delete
 anonymous requested account delete says:

i hope we won't wait to long to read it !

posted 30th January 2017

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