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The story of a young boy who travels half-way around the world — from China to British Guiana — hoping to strike it rich

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Song is in my arms!

Dear friends, 

The first advance copies of Song are out... and I have one in my arms. 

I'm surprised how good it feels. After numerous to-and-fro pdfs and attachments and loose-leaf manuscripts, I thought holding the book would be only mildly satisfying. LIke it is when I've edited a magazine. But it is nothing like that. I fell quiet. Smiled. Nodded. Held it close. Relief, perhaps, was the greatest emotion of all. That's not very sexy but it's true. 

Further copies arrive in a few more weeks and will be sent out to literary critics and the press. If anyone's connected to a reviewer, I'd be hugely grateful for a lead. 

Supporters' copies should be a few weeks after that. I'll be going into the Unbound offices to sign copies as soon as they're in. 

I've just written a piece on travel writing for Boundless, Unbound's online magazine:

And in the Telegraph on the kindness of strangers on the road:

And just back from Chad where I was doing a story on anti-poaching for the BBC:

These odd features might not seem relevant to Song, a work of fiction, but there is such a strong sense of place to the novel that I feel my day job really informs the way Song has turned out... so I'm sharing anyway, in case of interest. 

More news soon. 

Thank you -- Michelle x



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simon miller
 simon miller says:

BIG congratulations Michelle -- yeah, relief and a sort-of amazement are the feelings I got and still liking Mark Ecob's cover. VERY best getting reviewed, especially in the press - - and while you're about it (after the BBC Chad trip) please keep EBOLOWA in mind, just round the corner in NIGER and CAMEROON - - kind of second cousins in terms of a common experience of the French Empire. You and your media team will be interested! Looking forward to SONG -- best, simon

posted 19th April 2018

Michelle Jana Chan
 Michelle Jana Chan says:

Thanks for your nice message Simon -- and will have a look at Ebolowa.

posted 7th June 2018

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