By Michelle Jana Chan

The story of a young boy who travels half-way around the world — from China to British Guiana — hoping to strike it rich

Thursday, 16 August 2018


What a wonderful wondrous month it has been. I still can't believe Song is out there and being read. Sounds obvious perhaps, but not from here -- in this vulnerable, post-publishing silent bubble. Song is in the hands of readers. Joy.  

I've put together quotes and links from reviews. 

Another update soon! Michelle 

"A strong picaresque element powers this saga." 

— The Daily Mail


“…one of the Caribbean’s little-known stories.”

-- The Times Literary Supplement


“Michelle Jana Chan brings a world of equal peril and possibility to life with her rich, radiant prose.”

-- Tatler


This is the history of colonial times come alive.

 — Paul's picks blog


“This book was so inspiring. At it’s heart, it’s a wonderful Steinbeck-esque tale of trying to make something of yourself and get that small piece of land to call your own.”

-- The paperback piano blog


“emotional”, “heartbreaking”, “uplifting”

-- Over the rainbow blog


“Song is a wonderful tale of survival, friendship, courage and triumph over adversity.  It also has at its heart a tender and heart-warming love story. (It) had me in tears at the end.”

-- What Cathy read next blog


“an astonishing story which showed the best, and worst, of humanity in all its' guises. A totally captivating read!”

Books and me blog


“an enthralling, epic journey”

A little book problem blog


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