By Michelle Jana Chan

The story of a young boy who travels half-way around the world — from China to British Guiana — hoping to strike it rich

Monday, 4 June 2018

A month to go before the official launch date

Hello to all Song supporters!

Am heading to Unbound on Wednesday to sign books. It feels like it's a-happening now. Soon after, the publisher should be sending books out to all supporters. Silghtly earlier than they'll be appaearing in bookshops. 

Meanwhile I thought I'd send news of a few events, etc. 
This one in Gloucestershire on June 25th.

And there'll be a series of blog reviews towards the end of the month, see below. I'll be posting alerts on twitter @michellejchan with hashtag #SongTheNovel 

Look forward to sending more news soon.


PS here's my latest piece of journalism -- on Chad -- in case anyone might be interested in a quick read



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