By Michelle Jana Chan

The story of a young boy who travels half-way around the world — from China to British Guiana — hoping to strike it rich

Sunday, 25 March 2018

100 days to go

Dear all, 

I have a publishing date! July 5th. Although Song should be in the bookshops perhaps a week earlier. And your advance copies should be in your hands about a month prior to that. 

Backstage, we're now trying to push the book. Hoping for reviews. Hoping for namechecks. Hoping for interest in the themes of the book -- the timeless tale of the economic migrant, and its strong thread of travel and adventure. We've sent out uncorrected proofs to various critics hoping they might turn the pages. 

Meanwhile I'm tagging stories I write wtih a line about Song, such as this:

And I'm now flagging the Amazon sites for pre-sales, on guidance from Unbound. 
In the UK --
in the US --

That said, of course I love the locals. I popped into my closest Daunt bookshop yesterday to say hello and to tell them about Song. They couldn't have been nicer and asked me to come in and sign some copies when they arrive. Love them!

I hope to be doing a circuit of bookshops and hopefully some festivals, too. 

Finally in case anyone is interested, my first edition of Vanity Fair on Travel was published a few weeks ago -- and here's my first Editor's Letter

More soon.


PS I'm attaching the final jacket cover 

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