Some Old Bloke

By Robert Llewellyn

A memoir

Friday, 16 November 2018

The Fully Charged Almanac 2020

It was never my plan to be involved in another Unbound book launch so soon after the first deliveries of 'Some Old Bloke' went out, but such is the way of the world. 

It's happened but this new project involves a great team of people, not just me. We've just launched the first of what we hope will be yearly books charting the meteoric advances in the sector describedc as 'clean tech.'

Electric vehicles, renewables, electricity storage, smart grids and the global shift away from burning fossil fuels. Over 50 writers are involved, brilliant graphic designers, editors and designers will create a truly beautiful publication.

Just in case you're interested, the project is here on Unbound:

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Megan Schell
 Megan Schell says:

Hi Robert,

I still haven’t received Some Old Bloke. I live in the USA, so I understand if it takes longer. Just want to make sure there wasn’t an oversight. Really looking forward to reading it, along with this new one. I will try to back it as much as SOB (lol, just realized that’s the abbreviation).

P.S. Don’t want to be annoying, so if you’ve already read this message on the other SOB forum, I apologize.

posted 27th December 2018

Megan Schell
 Megan Schell says:

Oh f***, I am so embarrassed; just realized it’s in ebook format only. I saw the email for it now. Shh, don’t tell any of the other millennials I’m so behind in life. Love you, Robert, and Happy New Year (dives under a rock to hibernate the rest of the winter).

posted 27th December 2018

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