Some Old Bloke

By Robert Llewellyn

A memoir

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Josh Joshi and the Great Divides. Chapter One. Audio version

As part of the writing process I record and listen back to chapters of the book I'm working on. Normally these recordings are just for me. I listen to them and then change words, names, re-write paragraphs, throw whole sections out and occasionally cringe at what I've written.

I've decided to release the first chapter, the finished book will undoubtedly be different to what you hear, but hopefully it gives a bit of a flavour of what I'm up to.

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Anthony Butcher
 Anthony Butcher says:

Hello Robert,

An interesting listen, keen to hear what happens next when he steps through the gates. :)
Did the description of Harry come from your many visits to the BBC ?


posted 16th October 2016

Jack Ezra
 Jack Ezra says:

Awwww man. I need your book now!

posted 17th October 2016

John & Christine Lomax
 John & Christine Lomax says:

When you first pitched the book, I wasn't enamoured of the idea; but when you re-pitched after the referendum I liked the idea. I have now heard your thoughts for the first chapter, and wow I'm glad I did put my ha'porth in to fund the book. ;)

posted 17th October 2016

Simon Bromley
 Simon Bromley says:

Hmm. Intriguing. Looking forward to the finished product. :)

posted 17th October 2016

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