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By Robert Llewellyn

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Balkanised Britain- Josh Joshi and the Great Divides

I have been through a crisis with this book.

Nothing new, I go through a crisis with just about every book I write at some point but this one has been a doozie.

A story set in a possible future where London is a city state seperate from the rest of the country. Preposterous fantasy, it'll never happen.... and then it was June 23rd.

As you will shortly see, I have completely re-written the pitch that will appear on the front page of this Unbound project.

It's the same character, same essential story but the setting is slightly different. Actually very different, turned on its head, re jigged to the max.

I'm now fully enthused and brimming with vim and vigour to write Josh Joshi, I think it will be funnier, bigger, better, more challenging and a lot darker than my last 3 Unbound books.



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Martyn Drake
 Martyn Drake says:

Given what's been happening over the past year politically, I'm beginning to think we're all living in a novel..

posted 25th July 2016

Fraser Smith
 Fraser Smith says:

Can you please be a bit more careful with what you write in the pitch for this book? It has a habit of being far too accurate. Can't you just say that Josh Joshi lives in a lovely, still united, Kingdom, that almost fell apart but managed to pull things together and stay in the EU after all? Please?

posted 29th July 2016

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