By H Boyd & B Roddam

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This is the story of a race against time to right an ancient wrong

Publication date: June 2013
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About the book

The fate of the earth hangs in the balance. Commissioned to make a light-hearted documentary about the predicted end of the world in 2012, Rhiannon begins to sense that the planet’s problems are in fact real: extreme weather, political unrest, violence against women, financial meltdown. She cannot shake off the sense of impending disaster.

Haunted by disturbing dreams of past lives and the lost city of Atlantis, Rhiannon finds herself drawn to Stonehenge on the summer solstice, where things take a sinister turn. She has visions she doesn’t understand and a chance encounter with a mysterious man leads her, against her will, on a perilous journey.

She joins a secret group of seven led by the High Priestess Lilith, who tells her they are destined to complete a mystical ceremony – the only thing that stands between the earth and destruction. Rhiannon struggles to believe this but that’s not her only problem. Torn between the love of two men, she finds her situation becoming unbearable.

The task ahead of Rhiannon and the others is fraught with danger; the lives of everyone on the planet are at stake. And their deadly adversary Brandon Crowe will do anything to stop them. The clock is ticking – can they do it in time or will the earth self-destruct?

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