Soap The Stamps, Jump The Tube

By Gail Thibert

Nineteen years old with freshly dyed blue hair, punk rocker Gail places an advert in a music paper for ‘likeminded friends and weirdos’. Soap the Stamps, Jump the Tube follows her autobiographical journey through the 80s underground music and squatting scene in London

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Truly Humbled!

Just 13 days to go until my time limit to reach 100% funding is reached, and I am already at 76% funded with 153 supporters! 

I am confident I will reach target in time, but if you know anyone who might want to pledge and help and buy a copy too, please let them know. I have been told I can extend the time if needed, but to be honest, I just want the book to get out there and be read!

So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me so far. I nearly gave up a few days ago, but so glad I ploughed ahead. Massive thanks too to Sharon Brown who has been handling my twitter account and keeping me motivated, especially on the days I just wanted to stay in bed and do nothing.

SO! To reward you all, please go to my facebook page (and like it!) to see the next snippet!..

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Sharon Brown
 Sharon Brown says:

Aw shucks, I just want it to be published too. There aren't enough stories being told about our generation of punky women. The 80s seems like a different lifetime and the punk underground of that time rarely gets chronicled. Thanks for writing it all down!

posted 20th September 2017

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