Soap The Stamps, Jump The Tube

By Gail Thibert

Nineteen years old with freshly dyed blue hair, punk rocker Gail places an advert in a music paper for ‘likeminded friends and weirdos’. Soap the Stamps, Jump the Tube follows her autobiographical journey through the 80s underground music and squatting scene in London

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

44% funding achieved! woo hoo!

Thanks again to everyone who is supporting me in this project. Its great to see names I know popping up in my supporters, but even more exciting to see names I don't know, which means that word is getting out about the book!

I'll be flyering  about the book at Rebellion festival in Blackpool next week, so if you see me, don't be scared to stop me and say hi (buy me a drink.. a meal... new clothes... car...)!

I'm going to reward you all withanother snippet from the book shortly, but why not join my facebook page, where you can see photos of people in the book and join the the comments about various snippets?


Here's a photo of a day out in Brighton in 1986 (?) I'm the collasped redhead propping up Fiona (RIP) with the orange hair. Nigel in the forground with black leather jacjket and hair and GaySteve (as we refrerred to him seeing that he was indeed Gay and to seperate him from all other Steves we knew, who weren't Gay) with the blond and pink hair.


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