Small Robots

By Thomas Heasman-Hunt

A collection of one hundred (mostly) useful robot friends

Friday, 29 March 2019

Time's running out!

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the sparse updates. For those of you who follow @smolrobots on Twitter, you'll know that work has been ongoing with the book for a while now and we're on schedule for a November publishing date. Here's where we're at: - The first draft (including all illustrations) was completed last November. - Editing took place earlier this year abd everyone's pretty happy with where we're at with things. - Layouts and so forth are basically decided. I've viewed the first electronic proofs and approved most of it, there's just a bit of back-and-forth to go with finalising some details of the illustrations. So things look good! But the main purpose of this update is to let you all know that the cut-off date for pledges is 31st March! That's the point where all the names of the pledgers have to go into the book so everything can be finalised for printing. Obviously if you're getting this update you've already pledged, but if you want to update your pledge level, of if you have friends and family who you think might be interested, now's the time to get on board! Anyway, thank you everyone who's pledged so far and is making this project such a success. I really think this book is going to be something special.
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