Small Robots

By Thomas Heasman-Hunt

A collection of one hundred (mostly) useful robot friends

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Stretch goals!

Hello, everyone!

Now that the book has been fully-funded, it's time to introduce some stretch goals. These are freebies that every backer will get if the total reaches a certain milestone above 100%.

So, the first stretch goal is a PDF featuring art that will eventually be included in the book. We're working hard on the manuscript right now, but it'll be some time before you get to see any of it, so this will be a nice way to share the work we've done so far. It clocks in a 22 pages and includes art for 20 robots. Some of it has been seen before, but most of it is brand new, showcasing some of your favourite robots in new situations!

This stretch goal will be unlocked (and sent out to all of you...) when we hit 125% funded. Remember that we'll also be donating half of any profit we make to Cambridge Women's Aid.

Look out for some new pledge rewards coming soon too...

Happy pledging!


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