Small Is Powerful

By Adam Lent

Find out why the era of big government, big business & big culture is over

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Target met! Now I've just got to write the book!

A very big thank-you to all the people who helped me reach the funding target for Small is Powerful. You have all been incredibly generous in your support and in your faith in my ability to write something worth reading.

Now I have to get on with it, I guess. However, I don't plan to disappear into a garret for the next few months. I will keep posting here as the research and writing progresses seeking your comments and doing my best to sharpen up my thoughts.

And even though the book can now happen because of your generosity, anything extra beyond the target will help support further marketing of Small is Powerful and hopefully spread word about the 'small revolution' even wider. So please do encourage colleagues, friends, relatives to bag themselves a copy on this site and tip a bit more fuel into the engine.

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