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Monday, 22 September 2014

Small is Powerful: another great historical quote

Just came across another striking quote showing how much the American revolutionaries understood that small is powerful. This one is not from some great historical figure but from a humble petition presented to Congress by the inhabitants of Kentucky in 1784 seeking redress for what they felt was an emerging injustice.  It speaks for itself:

Numbers of monied Gentlemen in the settlement, who lived in security and affluence and no ways contributed towards the defence or settling of this Country, monopolized great part of the most valuable lands in their hands to the great discouragement and hindrance of the equitable settlement thereof. It is a well known truth that the riches and strength of a free Country does not consist in property being vested in a few Individuals, but the more general it is distributed, the more it promotes industry, population and frugality, and even morality.

I'm just in the process of writing a blog post about two different visions of equality: a big vision and a small vision. No prizes for guessing which I prefer and from which period in history I take the inspiration for that preference. I'll be posting it here and on my RSA blog soon.

By the way a big thank-you to all those who have pledged in the last few days. I'm a sliver off 10% which I'm pretty happy with after two weeks. If you haven't pledged yet, what's keeping you? And if you have, please do spread the word to others you think will be interested.

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Elizabeth Darcy Jones
 Elizabeth Darcy Jones says:

Hi Adam
I've pledged... and I'd love some juicy and personal stuff on how you apply 'small' to your personal life! And as a writer how do you square the 'blog slog' with 'The Book'?!

best poetic

Liz Darcy Jones @ladyedj

posted 22nd September 2014

Adam Lent
 Adam Lent says:

Ha! I'm not sure I have any "juicy" personal stuff to share.

The relationship of small to personal life is a very interesting question though and one I should maybe address more directly. In the excerpt, you'll see that I do spend a lot of time on the way women, gay people and others broke with 'big culture' in the early 1970s by simply refusing to abide by the constraints placed on their personal life. That may provide pointers.

For me blogging is actually a very useful way of crystallising my thoughts as I research the book. So I don't really see it as a slog but an integral part of the writing process.

Thanks loads for the pledge and the useful comment. Really appreciated and do spread the word.

posted 23rd September 2014

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