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By Adam Lent

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Can big organisatons survive the era of small?

I had an article published in the London business paper City AM today. It's here. The article is pretty much a summary of the key themes of Small is Powerful but one issue I cover at the end is how larger organisations, particularly corporations, might have to change to respond to the rise of smaller organisations and networks. It's a theme I'll return to in the book and here in my Unbound 'shed'. 

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Patrick Hughes
 Patrick Hughes says:

Adam: good piece in City AM and agree the basic premise. Not sure rise in self employment quite as benign as you imply. Certainly autonomy and self realisation is a big driver but others include outsourcing ( compulsory s/e or something close to it! ); and energetic and creative responses to in-work poverty. Not saying you are wrong just inviting recognition of that wider perspective. Secondly there is a real chance to apply the thinking in your piece to large public sector orgs. Do you plan to do that?

posted 31st October 2014

Adam Lent
 Adam Lent says:

Patrick, thanks for that thoughtful comment. I'm glad you liked the article. There is certainly a dark side to the rise in self-employment but I think there is increasing consensus from the latest research that around 75% of the self-employed are satisfied with their employment status and are there through their own choice. Obviously that doesn't mean we should ignore addressing the minority who are unhappy or who may be self-employed through no choice of their own.

I agree entirely about applying these ideas to public sector bodies. I hope to have a section in the book dealing precisely with that. I'm particularly interested to explore how we can break from the top-down, bureaucratic and big model of public services developed in the twentieth century and move to an ultra-personalised model that offers maximum choice and control to individuals and communities.

posted 1st November 2014

Peter C Turner
 Peter C Turner says:

Hi Adam. Any comment on the Bitcoin is Bust article also in City AM?

posted 7th November 2014

Adam Lent
 Adam Lent says:

Sorry Peter, completely missed this comment. Will check the article and get back to you.

posted 4th December 2014

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