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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Cor, we're already a week in. I'm immensely grateful to all those who have pledged so far, be they friends, family, or total strangers. It's a great feeling to know that people have faith in me and my project, although it's still looking like a huge mountain to climb. I'm already looking forward to a widely-promised funding surge when the mythical PAYDAY arrives (everyone who has assured me they'll pledge on PAYDAY should be aware that I am TAKING NOTES and I will be after them if they forget...)

I've been getting stuck into advance planning for my research trips/sleepovers, which is even trickier than I'd imagined. 
(a) There are thousands of potential sites (aren't we lucky in the UK, boys and girls?) - in fact, so many it's overwhelming;
(b) I don't know the half of it.

There's only so much I can find out from books and th'internet. I get the feeling the best places I'll find on my tour aren't going to be the 'big hitters' that get millions of visitors per year, but proper hidden gems that only locals and buffs know about and appreciate.

I hereby throw myself at the mercy of you, my supporters. You're a knowledgeable, clever bunch (you've pledged to my book, after all) and you're from diverse areas of the country - you should know a few places that are undeservedly overlooked given their past importance.

Where do YOU think I should go? I'd welcome your suggestions!


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