Sleeping Demons

By Peter Jukes

A terrifying psychological thriller by the original writer of Waking the Dead

Monday, 23 September 2013

The First Quiz - the Face with No Eyes

Welcome, and thanks for signing up for my new psychological thriller, Sleeping DemonsWith access to my shed, you'll be able to see the scientific, psychological and current affairs research which forms the backbone of the narrative. 

But here's the first quiz. 

What is the Face with No Eyes?

First - some background

Lucid Dreaming Therapy

My heroine Dr Sophie Lake specialises in severe sleep disorders ranging from insomnia, rem sleep disorder, night terrors and post traumatic nightmares.

To cure the latter she deploy what she calls Lucid Dreaming Therapy, a variant of  traumatic dream defusa l or imagery rehearsal therapy .  Its principles are this:

Step 1: Confrontation Record. Write a journal or draw a picture describing the conflict in the nightmare

Step 2: Coping with the situation. Construct a new dream ending or add something to the drawing that reduces the fear.

Step 3: Rehearse the new ending while awake (at least 5 minutes a day)

Step 4: (Lucid dreaming option) If possible, make active choices while conscious within the nightmare. 

Gabriel's Nightmare

One of Sophie's most important and difficult clients is Gabriel Cody, early 40s, a former special forces soldier, who  suffers from a recurrent nightmare which not only disturbs his sleep and his health, but has caused alarm with his girlfriend, Maya.

In his dream Gabriel is pursued by a pale bodiless head. When he turns to confront it, he sees the face has no eyes. He feels he's falling into those eyes. At that moment he wakes up. 

He suffers these nightmares at least twice a week. They have been gaining in intensity in the last six months. 

Some background  

1. Circa 2011 Cody was planning to leave the private security business and move out of London with his girlfriend Maya, and settle down with a house and kids

2. Cody met Maya's family in Bosnia in the mid 90s when he was on active service in Goradze. He managed to bribe local commanders to smuggle her out, but both her father and brother were murdered in 1995, and their bodies never recovered.

3. Cody went onto fight in Sierra Leone, Kosovo and Iraq, where he was based in Basra, mainly on convoy protection. He saw many civilian casualties

4. He returned to Iraq as a private security contractor in 2006, helping guard UNESCO workers. But the nightmares only began in the last six months of 2010

5. Both Cody's parents are dead. His mother died of breast cancer when he was eleven.

So here's the question - the closest answer result in a free upgrade to hardback, audiobook or signed edition from your existing pledge.

What does Gabriel's nightmare of the face with no eyes mean? What is the face with no eyes? Where does it come from? 



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