Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

By Michael Smith

A new and handsomely illustrated translation of the Arthurian mediaeval masterpiece.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Green Knight book plus greetings cards

One of the pledge options for my translation of Gawain and the Green Knight enables backers to receive 12 mediaeval greetings cards plus a signed and personally dedicated copy of the book.Here's more information...

As you'll know from my other updates, and from reading about my book on Unbound, much of my work in recent years has centred around the creation of a range of linocut prints. In particular, they feature designs and images inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of the period. Each linocut featured on the cards is the result of hours of research, cutting and finally printing the blocks using the same Albion press I have used to create the images featuring in my book. 

All cards are printed on 300gsm stock and come supplied with envelopes (both environmentally-friendly). All cards printed blank inside so you can write whatever message you wish. The size ofof each card: 120mm x 170mm.The images below show the cards you will receive with your (signed and personally dedicated) book when you pledge support for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight using the "Greetings Cards" option. You will receive two of each card - six designs; twelve cards in total.

Card 1 - The Shocked Knight

A humorous take on the Gawain story with an amorous Lady Bertilak trying to tempt our hero. As a friend of mine called this print, "Carry on Jousting"!

Card 2 - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

One of my early prints, and still a particular favourite. Unlike some of my other work, this image was produced by masking different parts of the block during the printing process.

The Green Knight in the Woods

This card features my favourite of all my Gawain prints series - and the image which will also be used on the front cover of the book. A framed original of this image is also available for those pledging at the Original Print reward option; alternatively, a high quality giclee print of it is also available at the Print reward option. 

Sir Gawain in the Snow

This card features Sir Gawain as he ventures forth in the snowy landscape having left Castle Hautdesert for his final meeting with his nemesis at the Green Chapel. A black and white version of this image forms one of the illustrations for the book. This particular image is actually based on a modernist sculpture in Barcelona - but I just loved the style and couldn't resist using the inspiration to create a scene from Gawain instead!

The Dream of Gawain

This image is based on a fourteenth century ivory casket in the British Museum. I loved the idea of the sleeping knight on the casket and it reminded me of an episode in the Arthurian romance, Perceval, when Gawain arrives to the Grail Castle but falls into a deep sleep and fails in his quest to ask the question of the meaning of the grail procession which will ease the Fisher King of his suffering.

Sir Gawain at the Ford

This final card features a scene from Fitt 2 of the poem when Gawain ventures across North Wales, where he encounters wodwose and worms (the Old English name for dragons). We see him here fighting a worm on his quest across the wilderness.


Once again, thank you all who have pledged support so far to this new illuminated mediaeval manuscript for the modern age. I am truly grateful for many of the messages of support I have received from all around the world via my Twitter and Facebook Pages (@MythicalBritain). If you too would like to be part of this wonderful story, and have your name printed in the back of the book, please do pledge support.

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