Simple Acts of Kindness

By Richard Todd

Bob wants it all, who doesn’t? But it’s dog-eat-dog in this world, and when it’s not—well, hell, it’s just the other way around:

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Low Hanging Fruit

Bob likes things easy and prowling the office floor and the pubs and clubs for women has always got him what he wants in the past. But Ellie, well she's a class above, or at least that's what Bob thinks. Bob's not scared of a gamble and he's no longer happy chasing the low hanging fruit.  But if he raises his aim higher will his shot at love get him the girl of his dreams or a bullet in the head?

And speaking of low hanging fruit, the writer has successfully cajoled, pleaded or bullied his first tranche of family and friends into pledging away their hard earned cash and now seeks to spread his net a little wider.  So if there's anyone out there who, like Bob, likes a gamble please don't be shy.  

Whether you'll end up with the best read you've had all year or just a trip to Oxfam to dump it along with the other unwanted trash.....well there's only one way to find out.  Aim for the pledge button.

A very big thanks to all who have done so far.

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