Shine On Me

By Tim Wells

The sequel to Moonstomp: London, 1980 and Joe the skinhead werewolf has returned.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Nearly There!

Less than 10% left to go. I've gone through three drafts of the book and once it's fully funded the next stage will be to sit with an editor. That's always quite enjoyable for me.
My favourite editorial comment on a few passges in Moonstomp was "This is too opaque for me." The editor knew I use some partiular vocabulary and asked if my mates would understand it, and was happy when I said they would. We did discuss a glossary but he pointed out that people can google and that the particular language was a big part of the location, age, and mood of the book.
There's similair in Shine On Me and I've thrown in a bit of polari too. It's my birthday on August 15th and am hoping to be able to say we're fully funded by then. 
If you've a mate who you can lean on to order a copy, please do... 

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