Shine On Me

By Tim Wells

The sequel to Moonstomp: London, 1980 and Joe the skinhead werewolf has returned.

Thursday, 2 September 2021


I'm now at the editing stage. That's always quite enjoyable for me. I've put my text to the editor having gone through it a few times myself. I'll then be taking their notes into consideration before a couple more edits. There's usually a bit of back and forth, and it's valuable work.
My favourite editorial comment on passges in Moonstomp was "This is too opaque for me." The editor knew I use some partiular vocabulary and asked if my mates would understand it, and was happy when I said they would. We did discuss a glossary but he pointed out that people can google and that the particular language was a big part of the location, age, and mood of the book.
There's similar in Shine On Me and I've thrown in a bit of polari too.

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