She Loves You

By Eddi Fiegel

The individual stories of the girls who screamed for The Beatles

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Thanks and news from the She Loves You (snail) trail

First of all, thank you so much to all of you for your support for She Loves You!

Everyone knows the story of The Beatles (and is probably sick to death of it being endlessly rehashed and repackaged in infinitesimal formats). But it struck me some time ago that nobody knows the stories of those screaming girls and now, thanks to you, we’ll be able to hear them.

Hopefully, if I manage to drum up some more support and anybody ever gets in touch, that is.

I did a couple of radio interviews a few weeks back but to call these a resounding success would be something of a stretch.

In the first one I was interviewed by a local radio presenter who could give Alan Partridge a run for his money and in the second, the radio station neglected (despite repeated requests), to give me either the phone or email contacts of the women who phoned in, thereby negating the object of me going on the show. Other than to give the station some free content, alongside their usual fare of cupcake recipes, local farming updates and faves by the likes of Chris Rea and Phil Collins.

I also had a small mention of She Loves You in the September edition of The Oldie magazine and they only referred to me as ‘he’ once.

So, all in all, it’s been a snail’s pace start so far but I’m beginning to find some women with great stories. Well, if truth be told, a couple. More to follow on that front. Again hopefully.

On the plus side, my shiny new She Loves You flyers were out in force at the International Beatle week in Liverpool last weekend, thanks to the brilliant Michele at the British Beatles Fan Club.

I would have gone up there myself but thanks to National Rail and their Bank Holiday festivities, lines from virtually every London terminus were ‘disrupted’ ie not running at all.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll soon be inundated with more potential interviewees and supporters. On the other hand, if things continue at this pace, I may be extending the net to anyone who ever saw Herman’s Hermits or The Tremeloes.

In the meantime, do please feel free to share the Unbound She Loves You link or just tell any of your own, no doubt fabulous friends who might be interested in supporting She Loves You, and thanks again.


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