Shareware Heroes

By Richard Moss

The renegades who redefined gaming at the dawn of the internet

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

June update

Hi all, sorry I missed last month's update. There wasn't much to talk about, so I had planned on discussing more of my research findings or methods, but I never quite got around to figuring out exactly what to share.

This is very much the quiet phase of the process. We have an editor looking the manuscript over at the moment and I'm told that the current prospective publish date is August 2022 — so chosen for a mix of strategic (to maximise sales potential) and logistical reasons (to allow ample time for editorial and design work). But until the editor finishes their read through there won't be much forward momentum.

In the meantime I have other news to share: I recently interviewed two more shareware game authors, both from the Mac side: Dungeon of Doom creator John Raymonds and Stick Man Games founder John Morris. I'm already well over the word count on Shareware Heroes, so I won't be incorporating these into the book, but I will be adding their stories to The Secret History of Mac Gaming — which is getting a slightly-expanded second edition later this year through a different publisher. (Announcement about that coming very soon — I have a low-volume mailing list if you want to make sure you catch it.)

Also in semi-related news, many of you will be interested in a documentary film I'm working on with CreatorVC. It's going to be a super-in-depth celebration of the history of first-person shooters, based on interviews with all the big-name developers and journalists plus a bunch of famous FPS fans. I'm attached to it as a writer and producer, and we recently brought fellow author David L. Craddock on as a producer too (he wrote the Stay Awhile and Listen and Rocket Jump books).

There'll be a Kickstarter launching for that on June 29th, and you can see our latest teaser trailer below:

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