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Friday, 29 July 2022

At the finish line

I'm sure most of you have already seen that the ebook is now available for backers to download, and you may have also received a notification that we'd gone to press.

Well, we're actually done with printing. The book is finished! My author copies are in the mail, and if you backed at a physical tier then your hardback should be shipped very soon. And if you opted for a signed copy you'll have one of these bad boys I scribbled on last month attached to the inside.

My poor hand...

It's been a very long journey to this point. I remember having a call with my commissioning editor to discuss my ideas for the book *four years ago*, almost to the day.

And now, finally, after all the planning, delays, research, writing, editing, design, proofing, printing, and more planning, we're at the finish line. The book is going out to all of you now-ish and will be on sale officially (in paperback form via all the usual booksellers and in hardback direct from Unbound) on the 18th of August in the UK, then in January in the US.

I hope it's been worth the wait. I certainly think it's a strong effort, but it will be you — the readers — who decide whether I'm right. If you're tweeting about your copy (and I encourage you to do so, as it helps tremendously with publicity/marketing!), please tag me @MossRC. I love reading all feedback, good and bad, and I'd love to see your copies finding their home on your desks and coffee tables and shelves.

One last thing: I haven't quite finished it yet and will be adding more stuff to it closer to official launch, but I made a website for the book at It's styled like an old DOS program. I'd love it if you could share this link around.

Happy reading!

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