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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

April update (manuscript finished)

Good news, everybody! The manuscript's done. I submitted it to Unbound just before Easter, then took a week off to rest and do whatever (read: watch TV, go hiking, and build a Nanoblock sailing ship) because I worked on all-but-two days through February and March.

My final word count was around 73,000 words, spread across 14 chapters (I previously stated there'd be 15, but I merged two of them together) plus an introduction and what I've called a coda. It's about 15k words longer than intended, but substantially shorter than the 115,000 words I wrote for The Secret History of Mac Gaming. Here's a screenshot of Scrivener's stats window:

So right now Unbound's editorial team is looking it over to see if they need me to do any further work on it and to plan out the production process (and figure out a release date). I'll be appointed an editor/project manager to oversee this process, and then we'll go through copyediting (to check spelling, grammar, and consistency/clarity of language and expression), design/layout/typesetting, and eventually onto the pre-print and print phases before the book comes out.

I'll continue writing monthly updates throughout, so that you know where we're at and to give you a sense of how this whole book publishing thing works, and I'll also periodically (perhaps in these regular updates, or maybe in separate posts) share bits about my writing and research process and more of the things I learnt along the way.

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Marcus Butcher
 Marcus Butcher says:

Great news! I'm looking forward to reading this, I have some very happy shareware memories :-)

posted 15th April 2021

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