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How one woman's road trip became a sexual revolution


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Fresh from her baptism of fire interviewing her American sex heroines, Stephanie will offer you words of wisdom in a personal Skype session. Ask her anything that has ever puzzled, embarrassed or infuriated you about female sexuality, sexual fantasy or solo sex. Or just get her to tell you about her favourite out-takes during the making of Sex Drive. All sessions in complete confidentiality. Plus a signed first edition of the hardback.

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The ultimate alternative hen party, birthday party or girls’ night in. Book Stephanie to come round to your house for a three-hour workshop to show you and your friends how to get your groove back. She starts with the Sisterhood Circle where the group shares their experiences. Then Stephanie offers readings with her goddess cards (If you shout "Oh god" as you come, why not learn the name of a good goddess to shout out instead?) before moving on to carving dildos from courgettes (inspired by Betty Dodson’s workshops in the 1970s) and a tit printing arts and crafts session in homage to Annie Sprinkle. Tailor-made to your needs and comfort levels. Women only. Includes a signed first-edition hardback copy of Sex Drive for the host. Travel not included.