Sex Drive

By Stephanie Theobald

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How one woman's road trip became a sexual revolution

Publication date: October 2018
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About the book

Wouldn’t it be a relief to be honest about your desire?

This was the question that prompted Stephanie Theobald to leave a long-term relationship behind in the UK and set off on a road trip across America in search of her vanished sex drive.

She was helped in her quest by an array of heroic women, from America’s first black Surgeon General to founder of dating app Bumble to the only porn star to be denounced on the floor of the US Senate. But her ultimate mentor was an eighty-five-year-old rock star feminist who suggested that masturbation might be the royal road to female self-discovery.

What started as a search for the ultimate auto-erotic experience became a fantastic voyage into her own body. This is her account of that journey.

Sex Drive is a memoir about desire and pleasure and loss, merging sexuality and spirituality, eighteenth-century porn and Enlightenment philosophy with the final sexual taboo. It’s about the relief of getting back in touch with your own body, exploring female sexuality in an honest way and welcoming a new wave of sex-positive feminism into the twenty-first century.

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