Sew on the Go: a maker's journey

By Mary Jane Baxter

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Friday, 17 April 2020

The Stationary Makery


Dear friends and supporters,

I hope you're all coping as well as possible during these strange and unsettling times and are managing to stay healthy in both body and mind. Like a number of people I'm currently mostly at home at the moment. I've been putting the finishing touches to my manuscript for Sew on the Go, the book that you've so generously co-funded, as well as doing press & PR for GCDA, the charitable organisation I work for.

I've also been crafting away like never before!

Having driven The Mobile Makery (aka Bambi) all over Europe, it comes as something of a shock to be grounded. The Mobile Makery has become The Stationary Makery, sitting outside on my street with nowhere to go. As soon as I heard that people, many of them with children, were to be stuck at home for weeks on end, I immediately decided that The Stationary Makery would broadcast at least one craft project a week to help time go by creatively. So far I've offered weaving, lots of pompom projects, an upcycled embroidered plant pot, a junk rainbow and a beautiful butterfly! The response has been amazing and I've loved seeing  what everyone has been doing. 

Here are just some of the butterflies I've been sent!


All this has been made possible thanks to my fantastic friend Gary, who has built me a wonderful new website in record time. I'd like to say a huge thankyou to him for all of his help and support. It means of course that you can now keep in touch much more easily and see what Bambi and I are up to week by week! 

Please do take a look at the new website and especially the Craft in Quarantine blog where you'll be able to watch videos on many of the projects - all of them recorded on my iphone inside The Stationary Makery!

Please do subscribe if you'd like regular updates - all for free of course! There's also a shop on the site, should you be looking for a present or something special at the moment.

You'll be pleased to hear that the book is on track. It's not a quick process - production and editing takes some time, even more so given the current situation. So we're looking at publication in Spring 2021. I hope very much that I'll be back on the road by then and able to give Sew on the Go the send off it deserves!

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support. Take care, and big hugs, Mary Jane xx

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Antonia Galloway
 Antonia Galloway says:

Glad to hear the book's making steady progress - really looking forward to reading it! New website looks good but ... the Craft in Quarantine link doesn't seem to do anything? I can suss out the butterflies for myself - they look great! - but you can never have too many pompom projects on the go!

posted 17th April 2020

Mary Jane Baxter
 Mary Jane Baxter says:

Hi Antonia - thanks so much for checking out the website. I’ve just been onto it and the Craft in Quarantine link is working fine. I’m looking at it on an iPad however at the moment, and it does take time to load and respond. I wonder if that’s what happened to you? Maybe worth trying again! MJ

posted 18th April 2020

Antonia Galloway
 Antonia Galloway says:

Hi Mary Jane - thanks for the reply and yes the link is working for me now. Funnily enough I've just invested in a macrame book as I want to make some plant holders, but wish the author had used your coloured yarns trick - all the photos are in white string, on a rather pale background so a bit difficult to follow!

posted 21st April 2020

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