Sew on the Go: a maker's journey

By Mary Jane Baxter

An inspiring road trip and a practical guide to crafting wherever you find yourself

Monday, 7 August 2017


Thankyou to all the supporters who've kindly pledged to get my book Sew on the Go out there. I really appreciate your investment in me and hope that together we can make this book happen. I'm really excited that we're on track to reach our goal - but the more people who know about Sew on the Go the better. If you haven't done so already - please spread the word via social media and let everyone know about Sew on the Go. THANKYOU! Mary Jane x

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First edition hardback, and your name in the back of the book.
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Exclusive 'postcard' tea towel, featuring The Mobile Makery. Each towel has a hanging loop and is printed on cotton. Plus the hardback and your name in the back of the book.
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