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Friday, 14 December 2018

Some very good news in time for Christmas!


Dear friends and supporters,

It’s nearly Christmas – almost the end of another year and one that has seen the crowd funding campaign for Sew on the Go leap forward to a massive 65%. I have all of you to thank for that. I’m so grateful for your continued help and your enthusiastic cheer-leading on my behalf. I feel confident that the end is in sight. There’s no way we’re going to give up now! So please, if you know of anybody else who’d like to jump on board, do see if you can nudge them my way!

I’ve also got some fantastic news with which to end the year, and I’d like you, my supporters, to be the first to know. 

I’m honoured to have been awarded a three month residency with The Hosking Houses Trust ( starting in February. The Trust, the brainchild of the inspirational Sarah Hosking, supports women writers over 40, offering them a little 18th Century cottage near Stratford Upon Avon in which to do their work, and a bursary to help finance them. Sarah is herself a relentless raiser of money and an ardent believer in providing women with a creative, quiet and supportive environment to write in. Over the last few months Sarah has been working tirelessly to fundraise for a new artists’ studio in the garden of the cottage she offers to her residents. This means that for the first time next year, in addition to hosting writers, The Hosking Houses Trust will be able to accommodate artists, makers and other creatives whose work depends on abundant natural light. I shall be the first person to take up residence in the new studio space, and I hope to celebrate this by curating some special and exciting events on behalf of The Hosking Houses Trust during my stay.

Once we’ve settled on the programme I’ll let you know what we’re going to offer.  I hope to do this by the end of January.

In the meantime, may I wish you all a very peaceful, happy and kind Christmas.

Let positive creativity be our guiding light.

Mary Jane x

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Suzanne Kelly
 Suzanne Kelly says:

Absolutely delighted at all this deserved good news!!

posted 14th December 2018

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