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By Mary Jane Baxter

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Friday, 8 December 2017

Short on time to craft Christmas?

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Well, it’s over four months now since I launched my UNBOUND campaign for Sew on the Go and to date, with your generous help, I’ve managed to raise over £5000 towards the publication of my book. I’m really grateful for your support, and I’m overwhelmed by just how many people (140 and counting) have been willing to back me to ensure that I can bring Sew on the Go (and my adventures in Bambi) to a wider audience. Thankyou so much.

It’s been quite a journey so far - with many ups and downs along the road. I’m as surprised as you are to find that Christmas is just a couple of weeks away!

If you’re anything like me you’ll have lots of plans to create a wondeful array of handmade gifts and decorations for the festive season. Unfortunately though life gets very busy at this time of the year and the desire to be the perfect Domestic God or Goddess, crafting and cooking their way to Christmas perfection, has to be downgraded!

The simple decorative idea above takes just a few minutes, is really effective and will at least give the impression that you’re capable of making something of your own!

Get hold of a couple of Kilner jars (or old jam jars will do) and collect together some of your favourite  Christmassy bits and pieces - including a generous dusting of fake snow and glitter (if you can’t find fake snow - use salt instead). Put the snow in the bottom of the jar and then place your decorations on top to create little festive worlds that capture the magic of the moment. If you wish, add a string of micro LED fairy lights (the LED ones are safe as they don’t heat up) and you’ve bottled the Christmas spirit! Hide the battery behind the jar, tie a couple of little pine cones or baubles around the lid with twine and you’re done! 

Next week - for those who have a little more time on their hands - I’ll show you how to make your own hanging bauble out of vintage books!

DO please tell all your friends about Sew on the Go - and if you think they’d like to pledge too, then give them a nudge! They could have their name in my newly published book in time for Christmas next year!

Thankyou all for your support,

Mary Jane xx








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