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Friday, 13 October 2017

Let’s get crafty!

Dear friends and backers,

Thankyou all so much for supporting Sew on the Go. I’m chuffed to bits that you want to help us make the book a reality and I’m really grateful for your help and faith in me. The clock is now starting to tick and so I’m keen to keep up the profile of the project as much as I can - and that means asking you all to keep talking, posting and tweeting as much as possible!  

We’ve had some great press over the last month with both RELOVED magazine and SELVEDGE (a beautiful textile title) writing lovely features on the project. You can read the pieces on these links: Please do share if you’d like to and see if you can encourage others to come on board!


In the meantime - I thought you might like a little upcycled BADGE project to keep young fingers busy over the half term holiday which is now fast approaching. This is a great project for using redundant picture books - perhaps ones that the kids have grown out of. Do ask their permission first though! I had one friend’s little girl get rather upset when her Mum used one of her favourite storybooks to make a badge for herself!

You KNOW who you are!!!!



A couple of old picture books, scissors, a cereal packet or two, some ribbon, sellotape and glue, glitter and a safety pin. You’ll also need a large decorative paper punch (Hobbycraft is a good source for these) - or simply draw around a glass to make a template.

1. Punch (or cut out) two shapes - one from your book and one from a cereal packet. The shape you see here measures 7cm in diameter.

2. Stick some decorative ribbon tails to the back of the cereal packet shape using sellotape. The ribbons here are around 10cm long.

3. Stick the picture from the book on top of the ribbon using the glue and press down really firmly. Then tip the glitter into a saucer and put a little glue around the edges of your badge. Dip the edges in the glitter and allow to dry.

4. Sellotape a safety pin to the back of the badge.

4. Pin on!

A cheap and cheerful way to jazz up a dull winter’s day!

Keep up the good work my Sew on the Go cheerleaders!


Mary Jane x




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