Sew on the Go: a maker's journey

By Mary Jane Baxter

An inspiring road trip and a practical guide to crafting wherever you find yourself

Thursday, 13 June 2019

A bunch of thank you roses.....

This is a moment that I thought would never come.

To be on the cusp of completing the funding for Sew on the Go is as humbling as it is exciting. Two years since setting out on this incredible journey with Unbound, my book’s publishing costs have all but been met with the help and support of all of you. I have been amazed (and sometimes completely moved) by your incredible generosity and faith in me. 

It has at times been an uphill struggle, and there have been countless occasions when I thought I would have to give up. But then a friend would grab me by the hand, a wonderful surprise pledge would come in, and I would be urged forward yet again by your enthusiasm and my renewed hope.

Anyone who has ever tried to achieve an artistic goal knows the sheer slog of putting in the hours as well as the unadulterated pleasure that comes with bringing something heartfelt to life. 

Thank you so much to all of you. This book will almost certainly happen - we are only 3% away from victory!

As I can’t give all of you a hug right now, my supporters will instead receive an exclusive video showing them how to make these fabulous crepe paper roses, a technique that a lovely Bulgarian friend explained to me recently at her little daughter’s Birthday Party. It’s just a tiny thankyou for all you have done.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to Sew on the Go, now is your chance to join our gang and find out how to make these flowers too!

Come on  - we have only two weeks left to make it happen!  



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