Serving Up: Essays on food, identity and culture

By Zoe Adjonyoh

A new and vital food-inspired anthology examining the politics behind what we eat.

Monday, 14 March 2022

Contributor Spotlight: Introducing Yoshivel Elise Chirinos!

Introducing Yoshivel Elise Chirinos - one of our amazing contributors for the #ServingUp #crowdfunder w/ @unbounders!

Title: 'Un Asiento En La Mesa: Musings on Food and Appropriation in Cinema'

Synopsis: An essay on food and cultural appropriation in cinema. It would explore the depiction and treatment of food and the act of eating in films such as Chef, Tortilla Soup, Beatriz at Dinner, Spanglish. Link a scene from each film with a personal memory of my experience of my culture and race's food being questioned or appropriated.

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