Serving Up: Essays on food, identity and culture

By Zoe Adjonyoh

A new and vital food-inspired anthology examining the politics behind what we eat.

Monday, 7 February 2022

Contributor Spotlight: Introducing Krystal Mack!

Introducing Krystal Mack - one of our amazing contributors for the #ServingUp #crowdfunder w/ @unbounders!

Title: 'Food Design & Art: Embracing Social Practices and Identities Beyond Hospitality'

Synopsis: I share the process of creating a food career outside of the confines of hospitality, using ancestral wisdom as my guide in my practice as a food designer and social practice artist. What is a food designer? Why and how is the role different from that of a chef, editorial food artist, and stylist? Should Black and Brown people continue to try to create change in roles that are rooted in white supremacy or is it time to create career paths outside of white supremacist consructs?

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